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Share Plates, Explosive Flavours, Fusion Vietnamese
Dinner perfect for sharing.  Conveniently located in Glen iris.

You can find our Dinner menu under each tab below. Our menu takes you on an adventure across snacks, small plates, large plates full of Vietnamese favourites.  Let everyone pick a dish and try all the flavours.  

Our new Ocean Made menu brings fresh Caviar & Oysters to our fusion Vietnamese menu.  Both items are plated up with an asian twist that has been picked by our head chef.

Oysters Hand-picked Pacific TAS 5|each
Salsa Picante, aromatic coconut,
crispy shallot

QT Seafood (5pc) 89
Tempura soft-shell crab, King fish sashimi, King 
prawn, Pacific Oyster, Grilled octopus [GF]
Little bites to get you excited..
Small Plates
Try something  you
normally wouldn't...
Large Plates
Big plates full of 
love & flavour.
Wok Tossed, Salads 
and Sharing
to a large plate
Pho & Sides
favourite noodle soup. 

QT’s Chef Tasting Plate (5pc) [GF,DF] 35


Grilled Saffron Prawn Skewer 9|each

Granny Smith apple, crispy garlic, truffle aioli [GF,DF]

Crispy Prawn & Pork Wontons [6pc] 14

Pickle daikon, sweet chilli soy relish

QT Signature Steamed Gua Bao

House pickle, fragrant herbs, sweet chilli soy relish
+ Vegan duck [V] 8|each
+ Caramelized pork belly 8|each
+ Soft shell crab 9|each

QT Handmade Spring Rolls

Crisp lettuce, pickles, herbs, Nuoc Cham
+ Mushroom & vegetables [6pc, V] 14
+ Local prawn [6pc] 16
+ Free Range Pork [6pc] 15
+ QT Signature [6pc, GF] 21

QT Signature Rice Paper Rolls

Young herbs, pickles, dipping sauce [DF]
+ Vegan duck [4pc, V] 17
+ Char siu chicken [4pc,GF] 18
+ Soft shell crab [4pc,GF] 20

Wild King fish sashimi 22 

Lime caviar, aromatic coconut, Thai Nham Jim [GF,DF]

Grilled Octopus 22

Fennel pickles, truffle aioli, chilli jam [GF,DF]

Tempura soft-shell crab 21

Crispy fried, grapefruit Slaw, chilli mayo [GF,DF]

Grilled lamb skewers 20

Roasted garlic aioli, truffle oil [2pc,MR,GF,DF]

Wagyu beef in wild betel leaves 20 [3pc,GF,DF]

Grilled, house pickle, peanut, sriracha mayo

VFC wings 16

Sticky garlic, peanut, tamarind hot sauce [GF,DF]

Roasted cauliflower 18 [V, GF,DF]

Coconut curry Aromatic, chilli, young herb, sesame

QT style san choi bao [GF,DF]

Water chestnut, soy bean, crisp lettuce, herbs

+Duck 19
+Sweet corn [V] 18

BBQ Great Southern beef rib 38 [GF,DF]

Apple salad, sticky garlic sauce, sesame seeds

Crystal bay King Prawns (3pc) 38 [GF,DF]

Grilled, seafood dressing, fennel pickle 

Crispy pork belly 32 [GF,DF]

Fermented chilli, pickled daikon, fragrant herbs

Chargrilled Local squid 29

Roasted cherry tomato, mild chilli salsa [GF,DF]

Caramelized Otway pork belly 29

Soft egg, mustard pickle, young herbs [GF,DF]

Southern fried chicken 26

Granny Smith apple salad, sweet chilli soy relish [GF]

Caramelized fish fillet 29

Pork crackling, chilli, shallots, caramel sauce [GF,DF]

QT fried rice 27

prawns, lotus seeds, pork sausage, egg, mushroom

Prawn egg noodle 27

Sprouts salsa, chilli, sweet tamarind & soy sauce

Whole baby snapper 38

Crispy fried, grapefruit, hot tamarind caramel [GF,DF]

MBS 9+ Master Kobe Wagyu 42 [GF]

250g rump steak, broccolini, garlic caramel sauce


Homemade curry, aromatic coconut broth,
Thai eggplant, bullhorn chilli, basil [DF]

+ Pan-seared duck breast [GF] 30
+ Free range chicken [GF] 28
+ Wild king fish fillet [GF] 30
+ Vegan roasted duck [V] 27

Wok Tossed seasonal vegetables, curry leaves, lemongrass, shallots, spicy garlic sauce [GF,DF]

+ Wagyu beef 29
+ Free range chicken 28
+ Roasted pork belly 30
+ Prawn cutlets 28
+ Vegetables & mushroom 27


Vietnamese slaw, grapefruit, herbs, peanuts,
shallots, Nuoc Cham, sesame seed rice cracker [DF]

+ Free-range chicken [GF] 24
+ Crispy soft-shell crab [GF] 27
+ Vegan roasted duck [V] 22

Warm rice vermicelli noodle, pickled carrot, herbs, cucumber, peanuts, Nuoc Cham [DF]

+ Vegetarian spring rolls [V] 22
+ Crispy pork belly [GF] 25
+ Lemongrass Wagyu beef [GF] 27


Shaking Wagyu Beef – BO LUC LAC 42

Pea tendrils, bullhorn chilli, pepper sauce [GF]

QT Signature R.Y.O 45

Crispy softshell crab, QT spring rolls, prawn skewers,
grilled chicken, grilled Wagyu BBL, vermicelli noodle,
pickles, herbs, dipping Sauce [GF,DF]

QT M.Y.O Gua Bao 45

Caramelized pork, softshell crab, crispy pork belly,
vegan duck, grilled Wagyu BBL, cucumber, pickles,
chilli soy relish [GF,DF]


Melbourne’s first Vietnamese rice noodle in
hot stone bowl with 18-Hour broth, 24k edible
gold leaf, young herbs [DF]

+ MBS 9+ Master Kobe wagyu, 63-degree egg, enoki
mushroom 25
+ Free-range chicken, 63-degree egg, enoki mushroom 23


Steamed Jasmine Rice [V,GF,DF] 3

Sweet potato Fries [V,DF] 8

Edamame, Murray river salt [V,DF,GF] 6


Please check our custom cakes on display

Degustation style dining meets Glen Iris


Created by our talented team to treat
you to the best of QT experience [GF] 110pp

King fish sashimi

Lime caviar, aromatic coconut, Thai Nham Jim

QT’s Spring Roll

Signature pork & prawn spring rolls, fragrant herbs, Nuoc Cham

Grilled lamb skewer

Roasted garlic aioli, truffle oil

Crystal bay king prawn

Seafood dressing, fennel pickles

BBQ Great Southern beef rib

Apple salad, sticky garlic sauce, sesame
seeds OR Master Kobe Wagyu Steak +15$
Mbs9+, broccolini, garlic caramel sauce


Lychee panna cotta, lychee popping pearls,
24k edible gold

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